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Adult Night School


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ESL/Comp. Lit poster

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Adult night school is offered at Muir Middle School as part of the Manual Arts-Crenshaw Community Adult School (part of Manual Arts High School and Crenshaw High School).

Manual Arts / Crenshaw Adult Education website

2007–2008 Schedule of Classes

Computer Classes at Muir Middle School – Mon.-Thur. 6:30-9:00 PM. Computer Literacy, Microsoft Office, Keyboarding, Internet. $66 including registration and student ID (high school students free; seniors, public-assistance, ESL students $36). Child care available.

Adult instruction classes are offered at the following locations; please call for days and times. (Not all classes are offered at each location. Contact the Adult Night School Office for more information.)

Assessment and Orientation for new students (Horario de asesoramiento y orientación para estudiantes nuevos)

Manuel Arts High School

Muir Middle School

Crenshaw High School

Dorsey High School

Additionally, classes are offered at several locations throughout the area. Call the Main site for course offerings, sites, dates and times. Child care (3 - 12 year olds) is offered at most locations. Please call the main site for more information.

Programs/Courses offered:

English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) Program

Academic Program

Older Adults Program

Adults with Disabilities

Career Preparation/Technology

Computer Literacy Class

G.E.D Classes en Español

G.E.D. Exam in Español

Parenting Classes

Computer Training – Windows, Microsoft Office, Keyboarding, Internet



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