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Science Department

To contact any of these teachers, go to the Staff page. Science

Aguayo, Ms. Alondra
Angwin, Mr. Connor
  Auchterlonie, Mr. Roberto
Baroma, Ms. R.
  Chen, Ms. Monica
Coronado, Ms. Erica
Cox, Ms. Christina
  Dickerson, Mr. Calvin
  Dutton, Ms. B. (see: Taylor-Dutton)
  Ebrahimi, Parisa
Evans, Mr. Tyson
  Feinstein, Ms. Sarah
  Fuentes, Mr. Conrado
  Kallumkal, Ms. Blossom
  Lee, Ms. Stephanie
  Moreno, Mr. Rogelio
  Nimmers, Ms. Evelyn
  Petty, Ms. Angela
  Rivera, Mr. Carlos
Rodriguez, Mr. Paul
Siegel, Mr. Thomas
  Sommers-Dawes, Ms. Kate
Tao, Ms. Jayne
  Taylor-Dutton, Ms. B.
  Turetsky, Frances
  Ugwu, Ms. Fidelia
Walzberg, Ms. Megan (Magnet)
Williams, Ms. Lakeisha "Lee"
  Zeller, Kelly

Science Resources – Index to science experiments in all fields. Very extensive list of links.

Awesome Library: Science

Barcodes, Inc. – Manufacturer of bar code products. Has a web page of math/science resources.

Bill Nye the Science Guy – Website for television show of the same name. Click on Home Demos.

California Department of Education Science Content Standards

Cool Science

Discovery Education – Interactive videos, virtual labs, and integrated science simulations.


Fact Monster Science – Links to science resources in all fields.

Gizmos! – (explorelearning.oom) Online math and science simulations. Fee-based (free trial available

Homework Helper Science – Links to other science resources.

Homework Spot, Middle School Science

How Stuff Works

Jefferson LabHands-on activities, resources, games

Kids Discover – Each issue is devoted to a single subject.

LAUSD Digital Library (Science) – Useful science links.

LAUSD Digital Library (Health and Medicine) – Useful health links.

Middle School Science

NASA For Kids Only

Physical Science

Science Bob – Science experiments in various fields.

The Science Channel (includes the Discovery Channel)

Science Experiments at Home

Science Fair Projects 13.01 – How to do a science fair project.

Science World

SMART Catalog – Catalog of math, science and technology professional development opportunities and resources.

Toshiba Exploravision Awards – Working in groups of two to four, students compete cash awards by simulating real

research and development teams.

The Why Files – The science behind the news.

Yahoo! Science Experiments for Kids

see also: Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans

Science Supplies, Kits, and Projects – Science posters (link is to science poster section of site).

Carolina Biological Supply – Biological and other scientific supplies.

Delta Education – Science and math supplies.

Educational Innovations, Inc. – Science products and kits.

Edmund Scientifics – Scientific supplies.

Fisher Science Education – Science kits and equipment.

Johnny's Math and Science Posters Guide – Listing of companies that supply science-related posters.

OnlineScienceMall – Scientific supplies, biological, chemical, and others.

Sargent-Welch – Science supplies.

Science Company – Science supplies.

SK Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories – Science equipment and supplies.


Microsoft's World Wide Telescope – Downloadable software (huge!) that let's your computer act as a virtual telescope. Requires Windows XP SP2 or Vista, 1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GHz processor recommended.


The Encyclopedia of Life – A collaborative effort to catalog all of the species of animals on earth.

Fun Science Gallery

How to Extract DNA from Fruits

Yahoo! Biology Experiments for Kids

Wikispecies – is an open, free directory of species. It covers Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and all other forms of life.


Alka-Seltzer Experiments – Chemistry experiments using Alka-Seltzer.


Fun Science Gallery

It's Elemental – Periodic table of elements with games and activities

Periodic Table – poster.

Yahoo! Chemistry Experiments for Kids


Fun Science Gallery


Amusement Park Physics

Little Shop of Physics – Sponsored by Colorado State University. Look in the "For Teachers" section.

Physics Experiments You Can Do at Home

Wonders of Physics Traveling Show – Physics experiments.

Yahoo! Physics Experiments for Kids

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