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English Department

To contact any of these teachers, go to the Staff page. Language Arts and ESL

  Areyan, Ms. Analisa
  Austin, Ms. L.
  Baroma, Ms. R.
  Cassorla, Ms. Marlene
  Cho, Ms. Erin
  Carlyle, J.
  Cue, Ms. E.
  Dickerson, Mr. Calvin
  Dove, Ms. Bo Dee
  Duncan, Ms. Jaclyn
  Dutton, Ms. B. (see: Taylor-Dutton )
  Fields, Ms. Olivia
  Fitz-Dormer, Mrs. Kassandra
  Fitz-Williams, Mrs. Karen
  Hamilton, Ms. Lotrece
  Kennedy, Mr. Osadyefu
  Lindgren, Ms. Cathy
  Olmos, S.
  Rooney-Carter, Ms. Judy
  Ruiz, J. (see: Strickland-Ruiz)
  Schlachtman, Mr. Abe
  Shepherd, Ms. H
  Strickland-Ruiz, Johnie
  Taylor, Mr. Mark
  Taylor-Dutton, Ms. B.
  Wallower-Throne, Mrs. Cheryl (chair)
  Wang-Wei, Ms. Margarita
  Woods, Mrs. Renita


English Language Arts Resources

B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper (English) – Links to English resources.

California Department of Education English Language Arts Standards

California Department of Education Style Manual

LAUSD Digital Library (Literature and Language)

Kids Reads

Bookhive – Guide to children's literature and books.

see also: Teacher Resources: Lesson Plans



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